Monday, September 29, 2008

I wasn't going to post again until

I got to the halfway point on my Who scarf, and I'm thisclose to that point, but not there yet. I have other things I have to do this evening, otherwise I'd have gone to knit Coven (just in case someone out there hasn't gotten the point that I call my knitting group Coven--it's a joke one of my friends make and the reference just stuck for me; not that there's anything wrong with Wicca, I just don't want people thinking I'm Wiccan and then giving me crap because I'm not living up to the Rede).

I had to re-up my passport. Ostensibly, I'm going on vacation next year in Ireland, but that depends on if I can get my friend to understand I'm not made of money and am unwilling to spend $3000 on one week's vacation. Hell, I did a complete semester (three months and change) for under $4000. I can travel way more cheaply, but she's got it into her head that she'll never ever ever get back to Europe again (I believe she thinks she's too old--I'd slap her if I thought her sad little comments were directed at anyone but her; I am, after all, two years older than she is) so she wants to do London, Edinburgh, Bath, Stonehenge and Ireland. I'm perfectly willing to give up Ireland on this trip if she wants to spend her time in England--I love England just fine, and one can spend centuries in London alone without ever seeing everything there is to be seen--but she insists she will be too doddery to even contemplate a return trip to catch Ireland later. Which means that currently we're looking at $2500 in lodgings alone. Goddess help me. And she wonders why I haven't gone on vacation with her before!

I also had to wash Dog. It makes him even surlier than me, which is saying something! He hates bathtimes, he does. Puir laddy. It's actually kind of cute, if you want the truth. Not the surly; he does that all the time, no, he fluffs up like a little lamb!

See, here he is on a regular day, all sleek and plump.

And here he is on bath day, fluffed up and looking all cuddly-scruffy-cute!

And, just 'cause he's adorable, a close up:

Get that camera out of my face, woman, or I will feed it to you. With extreme prejudice.

Awwww. Ain't he just adorable?

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