Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yeah, so sue me (Day 45)

I went shopping today. It was naughty. But...the yarn was on clearance. And it's pretty. Those are good enough excuses for me. Here's what I got: Debbie Mumm Reminiscence in color Licorice. I don't like licorice, but I like the yarn. I'm not sure the pictures clearly convey why it's so beautiful and wonderful, but I'll try:

Can you see the shiny white and blue strand? There's the matte black and white wool, plied with the shiny blue/white acrylic strand. I think it's lovely.

Maybe this picture makes it more clear?

Anyway. I'm just sitting here, waiting for 9:00. The Robin Hood season finale. I'm anxious to see it, because I am looking forward to a resolution to the season, but I'm also not looking forward to it, because then there's no more Robin Hood except what's on my DVR and if I can get the DVD set out of someone for my birthday upcoming. I'm so torn. I'm like that at all season finale times, actually. It's rather pathetic.

Speaking of pathetic, I got back into my schedule today, and it felt good. I felt good. I missed my regular Saturday behaviors last week while in the country. I guess I didn't really need an extra vacation all that much. I wonder if I'll be as eager for a weekend away in October, when I go back for the Renaissance Festival in Harveysville. Yeah, I'm a bit of a geek. But there's crafts! And Theater in the Ground! And jousting! And blood makes the grass grow, kill, kill, kill. I'm a bit...bloodthirsty, I guess. I prefer my sports to be noisy, dangerous and really, really cool.

I always enjoy it, actually. I've been for the past three or four years in a row, and it's tons of fun. I carry my own kib, though, and I always make sure to be slighly dehydrated before I get there, because I refuse to use the port-o-lets (the staff has to have better options; you're not going to tell me they can get the big pile of skirts they wear into one of those things). This year, I might get a Green Man statue for the (possible) new home I might be moving into this fall. I've got crosses and such, but I feel it might be best for all concerned to invite all positive powers into one's home that are possible. Besides, they're cool.

Anywhoo, vis-a-vis the new home: I'll give you more information when I find out more info. Hopefully, I'll have more information later this week. Don't know, though--we shall just have to see what will be seen!

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