Friday, August 22, 2008

Who the hell am I, and what have I done with myself?!?!? (Day...oh, who knows anymore!)

The day count is rapidly becoming irrelevant--I will have the money to pay the last of my debts on Friday next. I will be updating my debit to pay off at that point. No sense in waiting. I just have to move my cash around and email my new debit form to the credit counselling people and Bob's your uncle, Fannie's your aunt. I just...want the whole thing over with, frankly. I'm quite tired of it. The whole event has been quite an event. At this point, I think that's the best I can say. Ask me Monday after next what I'm feeling, and I'm sure it will be different, in the meantime....

So, yeah. I'm beginning to wonder what happened to me. I got all that nice alpaca yarn that I showed you in the last post, remember? Anyway, I've been wanting to do a scarf with it so I've been scouring my stitchionaries (I have lots) trying to find one that will serve. And then I did something very unlike me:

I swatched. And then I bound off the swatch and staked the barstard out good and tight. Sorry about the checked nature of the blocking "board", but I hadn't planned on needing to block lace for a while yet and had to make do with the stuff to hand.

Then, being a knitter with a blog, I took tons of photos, because I'm weird like that, yo. I begin to realize just how badly I need help.

Anyway, I unstaked it today and looked at it.

It's blocked unevenly because one of the pins wasn't in as tightly as the others and pulled up, but otherwise, I think it works as a stitch pattern, and for a wonder I think I've managed to use a needle size that I'm going to keep (I had it done up in a size larger needle, but I didn't like the swatch so I frogged and reknit it on the smaller needles). It's four inches wide and almost five long in one repeat. I think I'll just make the scarf one repeat wide (therefore using the yarn for length, making for a long, narrow scarf), and then do a ruffle at the ends. Maybe a double ruffle? I don't know, I'll have to ponder the wonder that is the yarn.

Right now, I've got two teenaged girls doing their darndest to be loud and ignore the poor pre-teen boy who is the younger brother of one of the girls. It's very hard to think about yarn and gauge and scarves and stuff when there's giggly silliness. I just have to wait another hour until I can take them to the movie theater, stick them in a dark auditorium and wait for the credits to roll. I love movies; they last almost long enough to get me through until the owners of these children return and they shut them up like nobody's business.

I think there's Jet Li, too, so I should be entertained as well. If I'm not in the papers for trying to sell three children on the black market tomorrow, then you know it all went well.

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