Monday, August 11, 2008

W00t! (Day 36)

Yeah, I know. I did the maths at work and realized I had my days on the blog off by one day, and I'll go in and fix that, but first....

One chunk o' debt down, one to go!!!!


*does happy dance of joy* *but only metaphorically, because she's eating dinner*

And the other one is only $10 over my payments for the next two months, which is better than I anticipated! Squeeeeeee!

Sigh. I have to contact the credit counselling company that's dealing with this to find out how to deal with that $10 overage (can I just...bump my second payment--call the credit card people and find out the balance and then update them 3 days before my autodebit? Or do I have to pay them $10 in October, when I'd rather be done with the whole damn thing?)

I'm so excited. I really wasn't pleased with the prospect of the strangling vine payments, but now that I'm only a little over a month out and so close to having it all gone.... Yeah. I'm glad I did this.

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