Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sparklies! (Day 31)

I went out today with Mater Gloriosa. I needed some stuff from the store (and didn't get everything I needed, either--must remember to stop tonight), so we went to our favorite market, Target. I don't know why I love Target so, but I do. It's the only place I used to work that continues to receive my custom.

Anyway, we're out shopping and she decides she needs to get her toenails cut. She's a diabetic, and has a particular salon she goes to for nail clipping because a) they're gentle and get her nails short, b) they check her feet out and let her know if she's got any cuts or bruises to watch, and c) they only charge her $5 for this service. So we go down (it's a walk-in business; you can set an appointment, but hardly anyone's there at that hour on a Saturday) and she gets in the chair, and the nice lady who speaks the better English asks if I want mine done up, too. Tomorrow's my birthday, so I say what the heck. I got the full jobbie on my toes, and then, just to make it all purtier than purty:


My nail lady (the one with less good English) is apparently good at flowers. So they sell me on flowers on my big toe. Can you see it there? Here, let me:

Isn't it pretty? That's right big toe, with the bigger flower and bigger flourish. This is left big toe:

I quite like them. They make me feel almost girly. Which is quite an accomplishment.

Anyway. I've got pretty toes now, and was inspired to clean up and polish my fingers to match, although I got that varnish too thick so there's bubbles. They're small, though, so I'm not going to redo them unless I have to.

Sigh. So pretty!

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