Monday, August 25, 2008

Newly updated: Day Five

Friday I go to my bank on my lunch hour, pre-addressed envelope in hand, complete with instruction letter and other information, purchase my cashier's check and send it off.

Friday. Technically, only four and a half more days, considering the scheduling of lunch hours and whatnot, but still. This week.

I will celebrate Labor Day as a liberated woman. For the first time in years, the vast majority of my income will be my own. Mine. I am, quite literally, in awe of what I have managed to accomplish. I feel vaguely like the Brave Little Tailor, trotting around the village with my belt reading "Seven At One Blow" (get your minds out of the gutter; it's a fairy tale!), everyone thinking I've slain seven bandits or seven monsters or seven giants, when all it really was was seven flies.

I still can't believe I've (almost) done it. So close, I can almost smell the minty fresh air of liberty. It's heady, quite heady!

I need to go write out the check for my depositing bank, find out how much my issuing bank will charge for the cashier's check and address and stamp my envelope and write out my instructions to go with it. So much to do, so much to do....

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Marigold said...

Congratulations! you're almost there!