Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, stone the crows-I'm back! (Day 62)

I've been moving around and doing things, just not doing things here. Nor have I been knitting much--I'm still all fluttery and anxious about settling to any one task. So today, I just stabbed out and chose a new project:

I'm going to be doing the Dragon Scales Shawl next, if only because 1) I've already got yarn and needles, 2) the pattern is free and 3) I want to but have felt guilty about wanting to start it, because I have two things that I should be knitting for others. I've decided that yeah, I'll keep working on the Who scarf, but let's face it, it's July. He doesn't need a scarf right freakin' now. I also have to start that baby bag for my friend's grandbaby, but that's another project that's...gestating. Baby's not due until October, so I've probably got a month before I need to worry about starting it. So I'm going to let go of the guilt for now and just start something, for the love of Jobu. I had been thinking of dolling it up and somehow figuring out how to put beads in to make it sparkly, but Nope. I will trust in the inherent beauty of the yarn and the cleverness of the pattern to make of it something utterly fabulous. Because it is beautiful yarn and an incredibly clever pattern.

I also just realized today that I have way more lace weight yarn than I realized. I got three different colorways when they went on clearance on Knitpicks, three skeins of each of the above (Red Hat, Caribbean and Trail). Which I was adding incorrectly as somewhere south of 1,000 yards in each colorway. However, Knitpicks laceweight skeins (just like these, as I noted when I went in and checked the labels) are 440 yards per skein, meaning I have 1,320 yards of each colorway, or 3,960 yards total lace weight. That's way more than I thought. I have plans for the Red Hat and Caribbean bunches (a generic mesh shawl with some beads and fringe and the Cheshire Cat Stole, respectively), but I'm lost as to how to deal with Trail. I'm thinking, maybe something with a forest theme? Yes, it's obvious, but honestly, I'm not the Stephen Hawking of knitting here! I'm just not sure what particular forest theme I want to involve myself in. But I am reassured that when I find a suitable forest pattern, I will have more than adequate yarns to have a real good go at it.

Anyway. Ghost Hunters is on, and I must go make dinner before the new one comes on at 9. Yes, that's an hour and a half away, but I'm not very speedy in the kitchen (or at the edits). So here's my new proof of Who:
That's the scarf laid out by a full size hard back (The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston--great book, you should give it a read. I'm not much of a non-fiction reader, but this one is incredible) and two trade paperbacks (North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell and Boris Akunin's Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog). As you can tell, I read widely. And knit long. ;-)

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