Friday, July 4, 2008

So da bomb (Day 74)

I'm on holiday today (being as it is a holiday in the States, which is where I am), and have spent the morning undoing the bad thing I done to my computer. I haven't put my personal files back on the hard drive yet, nor have I replaced my iTunes software (thank Providence I was able to download all the songs I ripped from now not in my possession cds--although what I'm going to do with the large number of CDRWs I used for this is beyond me. THIS is precisely why I resisted, for so many years, the urge to move to iPod. What a massive, massive pain in the ass this whole thing has been.) I'm just so tired from the garbage I had to go through this morning to reformat my hard drive (the only and best cure, as far as my inadequate virus software could determine--virus software, by the bye, that didn't even notice when I downloaded the virus; thanks for nothing, guys) that I don't think I can actually be bothered right now to restore all my files.

Isn't it a good thing I'm paranoid and always, always, always, always back up my files? I just hope I didn't inadvertently back up the virus, and if I did, I can only hope my new (and expensive, crap it all) virus software will spot it. And kill, kill, kill it, like my last bothersome software package did not do.

I think I need a nap, first.

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