Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dishclothie Goodness (Day 91)

I made a dishcloth:

In case you can't see it, the pattern is a rose. There's a better picture on the page with the pattern. It's very pretty, and the drape on the cotton was a lot nicer than I expected, so I might use the rest of the cotton yarn I got for something clothing-ish. Or maybe a purse. So many ideas, so little yarn.

But you may notice it's pink. It's very pink. So pink, I'd suffer after-images when I did my rows for the day. I probably will not use the pink when next I go a-knitting.

But, in consolation, I got a dishcloth:

This one's much nicer than the one I made, but it's crochet, so I won't say that around my sister (who crochets.) It was made from a Japanese pattern book (which boggles me; I can barely manage to knit something that ends up looking like it's supposed to when I'm reading the instructions in English, much less in a foreign language), and looks rather like a pale sea anemone. Which is perfect, as I do believe it's intended for the bath--it's a pocket of crochet (the back is pink) and you slip the soap inside. Meh. It's pretty and ruffly and almost too nice to allow to get wet. Which is a silly mindset, when you think about it. It's a dishcloth; it's supposed to get wet. Sigh. I can be such a goose at times.

I'm a bit fangurl squeeish right now--Sarah of Parallax Knitting actually responded to my last post. *faints in coils* Ok, ok, so I'm not so missish, but honestly. She even answered the sideways, not-really-asked-but-sorta question in my post, how much yarn will those gloves take, anyway? and I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm thinking of yanking the yellow out of shawl, and while the green doesn't co-ordinate with the dusty blues, it does go with the yellow. I could blend the two, make the gauntlet length gloves, or just use the green and make the shorter version. Actually, as I don't live in an arctic environment, I think I'll skip the gauntlets. That would definitely be overkill.

But I'm still ripping the yellow. I think. Meh. I might put that particular project back in the Big Yarn Box and concentrate on something else for a while. Come back to it later. Maybe then I'll be more clear in my thinking on the colors.

And just to prove I'm still working (slowly but surely) toward some knitting goal:

Who Scarf. A bit past the quarter way mark. I actually just whipped my measuring tape out, and it's two feet long. Quarter way (2 feet)=1/4 x the whole, so...eight feet long when done, according to my primative calculations. Actually, once it starts stretching out, that's conservative. And I do knit tight. But it will grow. Oh, my, yes. It will grow. Bwahahahaha.

Ahem. Yes. Sorry. Must...walk the dog now. Yes, walk the dog. Absolutely not planning to take over the world with a swathe of wool. Nooooo.

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