Saturday, May 3, 2008

Summer cold

Either that, or just rampant allergies. I have a bit of a sore throat today, and last night was wretched-- I woke up around 4 am and couldn't really get back to sleep again. I kept dozing off, but I'd wake up. It's that sort of sore throat that's more an itchy dryness than outright pain, and it's irritating. I'm trying to rehydrate today (I've been dehydrated a bit lately; I'm very bad about drinking any water and the new news articles that say you get most of your hydration needs met by eating and drinking coffee, tea and soda, despite the caffeine, have only made me less likely to actually drink H2O) and it's nasty. And it's not helping. Oh, well. Whatcha gonna do? Personally, I've got a bottle of Drambuie, a lemon and box of tea with my name on it for beddie-bye night-night time, and I'm quite looking forward to it. I might even toss a slug of fat-full milk in (my one vice...well, one among many, but it is certainly a vice in dairy terms), just for added flavor.

Can I just say that whole milk dairy is certainly a vice I can afford, unlike drinking, because hot damn, folks. Drambuie is about as expensive as I'll take my liquor, which tells you how cheap I am right there, and buying my bottle was about as painful a purchase as I'm likely to make this week? How do people afford alcoholism? Yeesh. Makes my yarn habit seem economical. At least I generally end up with something useful out of the yarn I bought (even if it is only fiber insulation), unlike cigarettes, which give you tumors that are generally more expensive to get rid of, or alcohol, which eventually kills your liver and can be expensive if you get caught DUI'ing. My vices are indeed vices, to be sure, but at least they're not entirely useless vices. Yarn, whole fat milk and dark chocolate are pretty candy-ass when it comes to vices, and I no longer feel as guilty for having them, although, I confess, I feel a bit amatuer.

I've got the kids tonight, and we're going to see Forbidden Kingdom, with Jackie Chan and Jet Li, because hot diggity dog, doesn't the phrase "Jackie Chan and Jet Li" just give you chills? It does me. If they want, I might take them to see Iron Man, which I saw on Thursday night (and still haven't recovered from the sleep deprivation). It was very good, and I say that not only because Robert Downey Jr. got his money's worth and pocket change back from his personal trainer (ooh, lawsy. That man's ass is tight) but because it was genuinely a good movie. I liked Tony Stark despite his asshatted behavior, and there's a scene where he asks his friend for help and is dismissed out of hand, and RD jr manages to show the...abandonment and disappointment in that moment, in that second, and I swear it looked like he was about to cry for a second before getting it under control. He's got some seriously expressive eyes, you know? And let's just say that particular feeling resonates strongly with me, so when it flashed across his face, I knew what he was telegraphing, and suddenly I realized how good he is as an actor. Yeah, it's a scripted moment, but he acted it in real time, and that's pretty damn impressive. Robert Downey Jr, you've lived performance art-as-real life that no one should have to go through, but I'm glad you came out the other side and I think you came out the better actor for it. Keep on doing that voodoo that you do so well, please! <\former theater student worshipping someone who does it right, but only because she knows how hard it really is>

Anyway, yeah. Last week, I took Dog for walkies. The trees are blooming like it's their job right now (oh, wait...) and the colors and light were so beautiful.... I'm going to have to get a better camera to capture the glory around me. I'm such a pretty scenery hor!

The neighbors who own these trees have a little terrier type critter that always tries to take Dog on. This amuses Dog, who gazes down on the little canine with paternal affection as he bounces around Dog's ankles with rabid hatred for All Things Bigger And Canine On MY Territory, snapping and snarling, and then he looks up to me with a bemused smile and wag as if to say, Look, Mom, isn't it cute? Let's take him home, he seems so sweet.

Dog has a finely tuned sense of irony.

I've decided I really need to get serious about getting healty. I don't have the energy to cope with anything anymore, and success in life is all about energy management. A theory I'll expound on another day, when I've got more energy. ;-) Anyway, I find myself a bit depleted this morning, so I got one of these:
Odwalla Blueberry B Monster. I love this stuff. I could mainline it, but I doubt I'd get the same level of enjoyment from it if I did, as taste is part of the joy. And I don't like needles, but whatever. It's got all sorts of fruits mushed up in it, including the titular blueberries (heh, I said titular--what, I'm tired, remember?) and some mangoes and bananas, and they add in all sorts of tasty B vitamins as well to deal with stress. I should drink this stuff by the gallon. I must be low a few vitamins, because after just one of these jobbies, I do feel a little clearer. Then again, it could also be the 32 ounces of water I just chugged. Blech. I feel dirty on the inside right now.

Oh, my ears and whiskers, look at the time! I need to get a nap in, then head off to church to do my singifying (if I can croak it out--oh, stop it, I know you can sing through post nasal drip; it's just a. not as fun, b. you can't cheat on the breath support and c. I'm tired. And have an itchy throat and some muscle soreness to boot. If I make unpleasant sounds tonight, at least I have a reason instead of just an excuse.) then trot off to grab the chitlins for dinner, a movie and home to bed/television until three am. I swear, I don't know where they get the energy....

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