Saturday, April 5, 2008


Pages: 6. Possibly more, I've got stuff in a Word document and in the software that allows me to write in script. And I suck worse at it than anticipated. But I think that's the point, and as I haven't stopped, despite having constant awareness of how badly it sucks, I think I've made progress in terms of my writing.

In knitting news--nothing new. I haven't started up on the shawl yet, still nervous about it. I did get some more rows done on the Who scarf (I'll post pictures later). I work on it mostly at knitting group and in church, I suppose I could work on it while watching television. Although, having already managed to find two rows I had to frog back for dropped stitches or extra stitches (which amazes me and is quite an accomplishment, considering the damn scarf is in garter stitch), I hesitate to do so as I might not give proper attention to either action and end up frogging more than two or three rows as consequence.

I feel the need to go watch the last two discs of the "Heroes" Season 1 on DVD that I've rented. I've returned the others to the store, and this one will be late as of...midnight tonight, so I'd best get watching on it. Well, that, and I have to go turn the channel as the episode of "The Graham Norton Show" on BBCA at present is an absolutely ancient one. With Dustin Hoffman. Horrid! I'll watch just about anything on Graham Norton (he's such a catty b!tch and I love him) but I dislike Dustin Hoffman in an amount inversely proportional to how much I adore Graham Norton. They cancel out, and I've got "Heroes" to be watching on. And I'm exhausted and don't think I have any more words tonight.

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