Saturday, March 8, 2008

My stash is bigger than your stash.

Because holy carp, y'all, my stash is huge. I've got one last...set of yarns to order for the project I sideways mentioned in my last post (if I decide to go through with it, which I think I shall,) but then I'm going on a serious yarn diet.

The rest (well, most of the rest) of the yarn for the Whovian scarves arrived yesterday in the mails, and I've got enough wool with which to start a flock of sheep. To wit:

That's the yarn for the scarf minus the red (which is a further two skeins.) And those are 14" needles in the middle, for a sense of scale. I didn't shove those puppies all the way through the skeins, either, they're just in far enough not to fall out.

Even worse: that's the yarn for only one of the scarves. If you've been paying attention, you know I ordered yarn for two. The other scarf's yarn is in my new mini-stash-tainer:

I don't know the size, but the yarn is not smooshed in its baggies. So it's not technically as full as it could be.

Something else arrived yesterday, about the same time as my yarn.

More snow. Blech. I'm sick of this crap. I'm about ten seconds from running away to a nice, toasty beach somewhere, because, in my opinion, living in a box on a warm, sandy beach is far preferable to living in a palace in Siberia. Then again, I'm very much a summer person, so I would think that.

I guess we're not having grilled burgers tonight, then.

At least my own wee blaidd drwg is having fun. He was barking at some noisy neighbor kids in this shot. He's gotten so crabby in his middle age!

Oh, well. I best get knitting. It's not like I haven't got a lot to keep me occupied.


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