Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Light and Color

I went out tonight with Dog to use the facilities (well, he was using the facilities, I prefer to use the indoor, out-of-the-wind type facilities myself) and the light was gorgeous. We've been having soggy, wet, rainy weather lately--it's been more like spring in Scotland around here lately, which is far superior to deep winter in Saskatoon, imho--and it was the first sunlight I've seen in nearly three days. It was close to sunset, so everything was oblique, but it brought out some delicate and warm burgundy purples, the spring green of the grass, bright blues of the sky and buildings and a beautiful, toasty-gold and buttery yellow. I rushed back in after Dog finished his business, grabbed the camera and attempted a miracle:

As you can see, it didn't quite work. But I got a close up of the leathery leaves on the grass:

In real life, the purple was a lot purpleyer, and the green was not quite so dusty. Then again, maybe my screen is too bright. Anyway, the only shot I got that I liked and felt captured the mood at all was of my own private Atchafalaya:

Now I'm sort of craving gumbo. We used to have crawdads in the run-off stream that goes along our fence, I wonder if we've got some sausage and chicken....

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