Saturday, March 15, 2008

Boy, do I feel bloated!

It's a strict yarn diet for me! I went out and got a ton of acrylic yarn for the project I keep hinting at (I want to see if it works before I go all "ooh, look what I did!" about it). I'm in a bit of a spring-cleaning mood (I am feeling rather bloated in many areas of my life right now, and am thinking I might spend part of tomorrow cleaning/tossing things out/putting things together to donate) so I think I'll get a glass of water (big one) and settle in to straightening out my stash. I've got two huge stashtainers and only two measly habits that need to be organized in them (knitting and cross stitch.) I can do it. I'm good. While I'm at it, I might as well get pictures and skein counts for my Ravelry inventory, as well as updating my needle inventory list. Why bother having a Ravelry account if I never use it? I think I avoided it before because the only reliable internet access I had before was at work, but now that I've got SuperComp here at home, I can play with Ravelry to my heart's content--because I just have nothing better to do with my free time, doncha know. *eye roll*

At least today's acquisitions were acrylic, I don't need to baggie them. Yay!

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