Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yes, but now I'm posting from my NEW computer.

I shouldn't be riffing on a certain digital voice commercial, especially considering I don't use them and am not using their system now (in fact, I think I'm bogarting the wireless from the apartments next door. Their dogs pee on the privacy hill, I bogart their bandwidth. Fair enough.)

Anyway, I'm using my nice, shiny new computer. It's got Vista. So, yeah, I've been trying to deal with the OS for the past...two hours now. After the frustration of my commute home, it was not pleasant. Oh, well.

I'm trying to figure out how my media drives work. The xD card slot doesn't seem to be quite right, but it won't load my camera software, either. Suck. I'm going to have to do mental maths on this somehow.
Ha! I got it to work! I am so the beyatch!
Sunspots again. Sigh.
My laceweight from Knitpicks. Caribbean, Trail and Red Hat, all wound up on my yarn winder. I like my new toy. Now I just need an umbrella swift.
Some fingerless mitts I made up on the spur of the moment (I say; it took something like four hours on a Sunday evening to make them) out of Lion Brand yarn (Landscapes, color Rose Garden). I don't like pink, so I'm mystified that I would so fall in love with this yarn. But I have.
The lunar eclipse from last night. Not bad, when you consider I was taking the picture without a tripod while shivering. It's sideways, too. The little white speck at the bottom should be on the left. Oh, well.
I better stop bogarting bandwidth now. Never know when someone will get bitchy, and my firewalls aren't up. Then again, I haven't got my computer files migrated yet, so I think I'm safe until everything goes up on Saturday.

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