Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well, minor. I can't understand why, when I'm transferring electronic money, it takes so freakin' long to get from one financial institution to another. Particularly when I've used both before, transferring money back and forth. It drives me crazy.

I've chosen my computer, I know which one I want. I have a link to the appropriate page online, and I'm just waiting for the stupid money to move to buy it. *gnashes teeth in frustration, aggravating her TMJ*

Oh, well. I'll definitely be able to order by Friday (when I get paid again), so I get to go shopping at some point this week. Then, I'll clean up this poor little machine and get it ready to be an internet only machine for my mother-a genteel retirement the poor thing so richly deserves.

It's pitiful, but I've been thinking about losing weight this weekend. Oh, not for health reasons or to look better, no. I want to knit and design sweaters for myself, but I don't want to spend all my money on yarn. Sad. Of all the possible reasons to have for wanting to make such sweeping changes in behavior, I'd think knitting is probably the lamest. I won't admit it to anyone else (but you, dear blog, since you're just ever so private and secret and all), if they ask, I'll just say I want to wear skin tight pleather (yick, the sweat!)

I've already got a primary design in mind for the first sweater I'd like to make. It adjusts a pattern I found in Knit Three Ways, which was an interesting book, even if I wouldn't actually buy it. I got it at the library. Anyway, I like the two-toned theme of the sweater pattern "Ruby", but I'm thinking it could be jazzed up by shortening sleeves and better shaping of the trunk (even though I'm prone to the size and shape of a baby walrus, I'm fortunate to have a waistline) and using satin ribbons to make the knitted parts of the bodice smaller (I'm expressing it badly, but it will work--or at least it does in my head.) But in order for it not to make me look like an overstuffed sausage, I need to debulk myself. I'll never be twiggy, but it wouldn't look quite so strange on a smaller me.

I might start designing, anyway, just to have the numbers ready to go (and to choose yarns carefully) when I'm actually ready to knit. I've already started eating more plants. Actually, I'm finding I rather like them, when I am given license to eat them the way I want. I'm such a rebel. The next big hurdle: getting off my fat butt and exercising. If only I could knit on the treadmill!

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