Friday, January 11, 2008

It's here! It's here! Santa Claus came for me!

I'm having a bit of a migraine (I got careless: I thought I had something at work for lunch, but I didn't, and when we're in the middle of weather changes, which we are, and my sugar gets too low for too long, which it did, I get a migraine) so I apologize if this post is a bit addled. I ate like a linebacker when I got home, and my headache is at least no longer pounding, but maybe I should take an Imitrex, just for in case.

Then again, maybe I'll get up and do some yoga in a minute. But first:
My knitpicks yarn *sound of heavenly chorus on an extended "Ah!" vowel* These are destined for a pair (or two or three) of Endpaper Mitts. And since I got smart and figured out how to do circular knitting on two circular needles instead of the dreaded double points, I may even be able to do them properly!

The yarn feels very nice, actually, which makes me feel better about paying so little for it. I'll let you know what happens when I try to knit with it.

Knitpicks yarn batch 2: For a pair of mitts like Johnny Depp wears in Sweeney Todd, when I figure out the stitch involved. I'be been borrowing and buying stitch dictionaries like crazy of late--I'm swatching up a storm, too. I will figure out which pattern it is if it takes me until I'm 95! Anyway, I bought it in two colors, intending to use the gray for the mitts and the red....well. I just thought it was pretty. And it's cheap enough, I don't feel guilty for stashing!

You may have noted in the picture of the blue and yellow yarn a plastic bag in the underneath. Since I keep my yarn in a three seasons room (mostly in a large plastic tote, but some of the stuff I'm working is in a bag) that seems to function as a spider nursery, I tend to keep my working yarn in plastic bags to keep the bugs out. I am not afraid of spiders, but I really don't want one in my lap any more than Little Miss Tuffet did. Not that I'd go running, but I might say something...unflattering and rude. Which wouldn't do.

Anyway, I've discovered that if you squeeze them, it compresses the yarn--sort of like those overpriced vacuum sucky bags for clothes and stuff that you see on the informercials--and then lets it pop right back up. Like thus:

But for way, way cheaper. Which is all to the good. So I've started going into my stash tub and baggy-ing up my other yarns. To compress them. Which I'm sure is bad for my health, because it will create more room for more yarn. Which it its own problem, in a way.

Storage issues aside, here is the apotheosis of the yarn orgy of this past week:
*even louder heavenly chorus*

I know, I promised sunlight licking along the yarn, but it's crappy out today; whatcha gonna do? It's still beautiful. And I got a free project bag (underneath) which my dog was very interested in (perhaps it had been used to transport squirrels at some point?) and a pretty card. And how psychic is Cattywumpus--Van Gogh is my favoritest of painters, and just look how the card co-ordinates with both the yarn and the bag! Nothing in the envelope to go to waste! Now, if I can just settle on something to use it for.... So many projects, and it's just one sweet little ball of yarn.... Sigh.

Oh, well. Until it gets earmarked for something in particular, I can keep in its baggie in my room (way up high so the kitties don't make something of it for themselves) and take it out at night to look at and smile upon.

Yes, yes. I know. I'll go put my huggie coat back on and sit quietly in the corner until my drugs kick in (I caved on the Imitrex. I really need a new computer--the delay and afterimage while typing on this one is vicious....)

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