Thursday, June 28, 2007

What on earth am I doing!?!?!?

I've done blogs before--with varying levels of success--and I swore them off. Sigh.

Like my yarn, it appears blogging is an obsession for me.

I craft to keep myself off the streets, to maintain my balance on the side of legality, neutrality and Goodness and Light (for what it's worth.) I can't imagine the horrors I'd unleash on the world if I wasn't occupied with k1, *p1, k1* repeat to the last but one and k1'ing, although I bet I could if I tried. I would make a wonderful evil dictator. Granted, I haven't got the boots for it, but I know where to shop and I find that makes the difference.

So, to keep myself out of prison and/or the clutches of idiotic do-gooders flying around in spandex, I craft. Currently, I'm on a knitting kick. I used to use cross stitch as work therapy (been to Subversive Cross Stitch yet? You should. No, really. Go. NOW. I will wait, tapping my Evil Dictator Riding Crop and Lash TM against my thigh patiently until you return.) I will take up again the silvery needle of truth, but at moment, I'm up to my armpits in yarn. Not only did I have my own little stash (my filthy little secret, this tawdry pile of textile porn), but a friend recently increased my stash by, like, a bunch. I have photographic evidence, and it ain't pretty.

(This is a Sterlite 90 Quart tote. And that's yarn up to the brim. You do the math.)

(I want to point out to those who would nag me about my financial goals*--I did not pay for all this yarn. Some I got for free.)
*You know who you are.

I am creating the blog so that I can prove to my friend (and to me) that I will not slack off and go plot to take over the world, or at least create chaos and mayhem while laughing evilly and looking totally tight in my Evil World Dictator Leather Pants. The yarn she sent will keep me tucked up in my sunroom and off the streets. For a while. No, really, I swear.

This is the extra stash, thanks C. As you can tell, I've already used the sweet little green skein for a pair of wrist warmers:

Yeah, I know the nail polish doesn't co-ordinate. Sue me.
The fine blue looks like it would make a sweet wrap or delicate lacy scarf. The pink is earmarked for another set of wristwarmers for Nieceling. I haven't figure out what I'll use the purple for yet, but I think the black with rainbow highlights will make a sweet hat. With tassles. Oh, yeah, baby! Rock on!
And I haven't even confessed my latest acquisition:

This little set is for a scarf for Nieceling's birthday. The fuzzy yarn makes my hands itch a bit, but I'm hoping it's textural in basis.
And I find it is past my bedtime. I must retire to my couch. It's so difficult to take over the world when one is a morning person!
(Apologies for the incoherence of this post--I have a sinus infection, and it seems to have overwhelmed me. I get drugs tomorow. I should be "normal", for a certain value of that word, by early next week.)